Hi Mintees,

I am coming to the USA for a holiday this March from Sydney Australia, this is my first time so im looking to add any great experiences that i can - cool bars, best street art, best food tips, art galleries & cool events

We will be in LA for March 7th - 11th and NY & Boston from 12th - 26th

If anyone can throw some suggestions down it would be appreciated, happy to return the favour for anyone coming down under :-)

  • Thomas Louis

    Hell yeah dude, I'll be in NY on the 13th I believe, are you going to be in the city?

    If you want a TRUE NY shitty American food experience, the Tik Tok diner at 2 AM is the place to be.
  • RobotTiger

    Electric Room (nightlife)
    Le Baron (nightlife)
    BOW (nightlife)

    Grey Dog (food)
    Fiat Cafe (food)
    Cafe Select (food)
    Jack's Wife Freida (food)
    Sticky's (food)

    Odin (clothing)
    Oak NYC (clothing)
  • Silver Tongue

    Check out Crif Dog in the Lower East Side of Manhattan for some killer hotdogs and theres a "hidden
    " bar through the phone booth in there
  • wotto

    Go to Wacko's - 4633 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA 90027

    They have awesome art and art books.
    Go to Figaro for breakfast - 1802 N Vermont Ave

    Go to Johnny Cupcakes store and stores around it.
  • cmeyers

    Bars: the standard hotel rooftop bar for a cool view, seven grand for a ridiculous whiskey selection and the best old fashioned around, the w hotel has jazz night on Sundays at 10 that makes you feel pretty classy. La Descarga is a sorta speakeasy vibe, a ton of good rum and a cigar room.
  • Silver Tongue

    I got a second to write a couple more entries:

    For NYC on Wednesdays is when all the galleries have openings in Chelsea (roughly 10th-11th avenue and 23rd-28th street).
    Also SoHo area has a lot of street art and so does Williamsburg/Bushwick has a lot of great street art and is a cool place to check out, they both have some really great bars as well. Theres a pizza place on the border of the two called Robertas that has some excellent pizza but it does get extremely busy although there is a few bars in their complex to help pass the time.
    Let me know if you have any specific questions or want to know some more stuff in a certain area and enjoy!
  • cmeyers

    Oh... Those are in LA by the way not NY
  • N.Guenzler

    In LA go to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles off of Sunset. Don't wait in line for Pinks hot dogs, they're not that great.
  • cmeyers

    N.Guenzler said:In LA go to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles off of Sunset. Don't wait in line for Pinks hot dogs, they're not that great.

    seconded on both. pinks is way over hyped. it's a decent hot dog, but not worth waiting in line for by any means.
  • jumpy

    Thanks for the tips, so much help

    @Thomas, yep staying half in Brooklyn (with a mate) and half in East Village.

    Cant wait to get across, will try to get to as many as possible and hopefully do a blog about it when i get back :)
  • RoonKill

    Hey mate, i arrive in LA on March 9th - not sure what my plans are but i'll be with a crew of people who know the best and worst of most areas - welcome to meet up with us also. I'll keep you posted
  • jumpy

    woo thats awesome thanks @Kagavi - thanks guys

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