Hey guys, long time no talk. I know this should go in the sketches thread but I was hoping to get more feedback if I made my own thread. If that's not allowed, please feel free to close this. Anywhoozle, I was looking for critique on this. If it works, if it doesn't. What specific parts do/don't. I'm not sure I'm too fond of the M's longest right line or the I in MODERATION.

Also if any of you could suggest any textures/point me in the direction of said textures that might make this pop a little bit more, that would be greatly appreciated.

Also wondering how you've all been?? It's been awhile!

  • Jupit

  • Raw Meat

    Jupit said:you'd better try it here: http://www.mintees.com/talk/201960-typography-calligraphy-logo-work/

    What Jupit said, BUT that aside, a couple of bits I noticed are
    -The weird little tick on the right hand line on the N
    - The 'in' seems to be in the wrong place, only slightly. Theres quite a gap between Nothing and Moderation, and the 'in' seems very close. Just space it a bit
    -The letters in Moderation, from the letter 'd' start to straighten up a little bit too much, throwing it off slightly.

    Aside from that, I actually like where this is going. Has a real old school, feel to it.
  • fuggart

    yeah the main bugs for me are how it stops being angled and there is some kerning issues that stand out like between the O and the D in moderation (main one). Also with the M I think the right hand line is too wide and could do with a slight tick like on the N> Agreed about the I in Moderation too... looks a bit too simpsons. Texture wise it'd be nice to redo it with a brush and then put some mild texture on but nothing dotty if you know what I mean?

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