Lets make our own version of VH1 in here.
  • Cant Draw Can Write

    Here is my band.

    When We Team Up - The Outpour

    Pacific Northwest Pop Punk
  • Undercore Art

  • Undercore Art

    me and my boys of thrraaaaaaaasssh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stein Hansen

    Not exactly a music video, but us playing a little in studio live video thing.

  • MonkeyMouth

    A track from our new album. Made from live footage from the last festival we played, with Gojira, Decapitated, Fear Factory and Devin Townsend. Had a blast!
  • Keenankoso

    We made a short intro video for one of our shows, and decided with the left over footage to piece it together in some random form of a video. Here's the result

  • grinskull

    Quick video i did for my gf's band, Duramata.

  • RoonKill

  • EndeavorArt

    This is all we got together before throwing in the towel. Good times though. I miss touring!

  • lonelykidsclub

    I manage these kids:

  • Trust No One Clothing

    Me & Tom are both in We Are Fiction (www.facebook.com/wearefiction)

  • Nereus Clothing

    Just joined Behold! The City. Here is our new track "Muddy York" that came out today!

  • minorhero

  • Tillbrook

    Here is my band 'Young Classics' brand new video. Hope you guys like it!
  • miles to go

    im the guy hollerin'

    you can get our record for free too at http://cityofthievesrecord.bandcamp.com
  • Menta

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