Im ready to get underway with my line and I've been hearing that trademarking my brand needs to be done, but not in the beginning. A few people that have lines have told me that I should get my product out first. Could anyone give me some advice in this?
  • miles to go

    the people who tell you to wait do so because its pretty expensive and to trademark a logo that you may end up changing could be a total waste of money. you can copyright your artwork for now and once you settle on a proper logo that really fits the brand it may make more sense to trademark that.
  • zb

    You can also just trademark a name. It's only $275 which in the grand scheme of launching a brand I don't think is that much (some people might think differently though)

    With intent to use you pay a little more, but you get an earlier filing date.
    As for a logo, you can always apply for a trademark for your actual logo somewhere down the line once you develop something you're really attached to
  • KrÜoL

    Proper... Thanks for the feedback!!

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