Saw this today, i'm sure they'll be fine as they have exchanged hands a few times but interesting to know nevertheless

The iconic video game brand — responsible for such classics as Breakout and Pong — made the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing to distance itself from Atari S.A., formerly called Infogrames, which it has been affiliated with since 2003.

Atari is hoping to find a new buyer for its classic video games and iconic logo.
"The Chapter 11 process constitutes the most strategic option for Atari's US operations," the company said in a statement.

Established in 1972 as a kiosk in public venues company, Atari changed hands countless times before switching its focus into the mobile space in recent years, releasing reboots of its iconic games on iOS and Android.

Atari also licensed Breakout to social game giant Zynga to make Super Bunny Breakout for mobile.

These successful mobile games helped Atari S.A. to remain profitable in the last couple of years, but the company is still mired in debt, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Atari will operate business-as-usual while the bankruptcy proceedings continue.
  • Joey

  • Dog Rose Of Wild Forces

    cool googled meme bro!
  • Nightland

    Didn't they do the Dizzy games with the little egg? They were crazy hard and I lost a few lifetimes to those games. Not being a video game fan, that was probably the last game I played, that and Altered Beast!

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