We haven't had a playoff thread in a while. After one of the most entertaining playoffs that I can remember, who has who to win it all? I think after they shut down the Patriots and Flacco played good, Baltimore barely wins it in a tough game.
  • Who is Ryan C.

    Only the opening act to the only thing that matters lbr...

  • martinNZ09

    I have now recovered from yesterday's Patriots lost and am looking forward to this game. my call is the 49er's to take it by 10

    Harbaugh Bowl.
  • Skull With Hair

    fuck SF
  • A.Merkison

    I dislike both teams...especially San Francisco after they beat my Falcons(well, really after the Falcons beat themselves). I'm pulling for the Ravens I suppose, even though I care nothing for Flacco and hope he never wins a ring, but I do like Ray Lewis. Catch-22 I suppose, but Ravens by 6. Tony Gonzalez vs. Ray Lewis would have been far more interesting, in my humble opinion.
  • Who is Ryan C.


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