When it comes to center folded woven labels to be sewn onto the hem of a t-shirt; what Size ? x ? should be used. I'm a rookie in this game and just looking for a few pointers.
  • ImViolent

    Order some samples from these guy's and pick witch size you like. A lot of clothing company's have different preferences to what they like so its up to you. http://www.clothinglabels4u.com/contact.html

    I forget who it was but some brand had patches instead of hem tags that I thought was a really sick idea.
  • KrÜoL

    Imviolent, iappreciate the feedback. Like I
    stated before Im jus starting out and any info iget is very helpful.I've spoken with the brands and they hold back. Guess thats part of being a competitor ..Haha thanx again!!

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