I'm very sad to say that I just got word that SKUMMIE AKA Kory Schuerman has passed away. I am so broken-hearted. I'm sure like all of you, I too was really hoping that he would pull through and conquer the health problems he was facing as of late.

As most of you may have known from his recent posts, Kory battled Muscular Distrophy all his life. He had been wheelchair bound since he was little. Something I didn't even realize for quite some time after getting to know him. You would never know Kory had any heath problems. He was an active and awesome dude.

Kory was an absolutely amazing artist as well. I definitely consider his work to be among the best on this site. But more than that he was such a great person too. So kind, down to earth and generous. One of the only artists I've worked with that actually let me participate in the creation process. He would send me working files and let me play with things to get my ideas across. No ego whatsoever. You could tell he just loved creating art. I had an absolute blast working with him on the 8BZ designs he did for me. And we had plans to do so much more awesome stuff together... But I feel very honored to have had the chance to work with him. He was always so eager to support me and 8BZ and was constantly helping spread the word about my dorky little brand. Just such a positive and amazing guy.

I wish I could have met Kory in person. We were the same age, we both shared a love of the 80's and we definitely thought on the same wavelength. He left this world far too soon. And he will be missed by many. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Rest in peace my friend. Love ya brother.

  • Ameeee

    Rest in peace Skummie.
  • quakerninja

    I just heard. Can we do some kind of tribute thing, or is to to soon to talk about that kind of stuff.
  • Skull With Hair

    damn, seriously sad. i thought he was doing at least somewhat better.
  • popmonkey

    Ah, shit! I just read something about this on Facebook and was really hoping it was a bit of misinformation, but it seems that it is indeed true, and my heart is crushed. Kory was a tremendous artist and a great guy, and it was such a privilege to get to collaborate with him during these last few months he had. He shall be greatly missed, and I will be cooking up something in his honor, for sure.

    Kory, I miss you already. Peace to you, wherever you are.
  • Matt Borchert

    Very sad, I lost my sister last year due to a lifelong health battle as well, so never take good health for granted, it's really the greatest gift anyone could have.

    Talented dude with a lot of passion for what he did, and he will definitely be missed.
  • DrewGliever

    Skull With Hair said: damn, seriously sad.
  • quakerninja

    Sorry for your loss also Matt death sucks
  • sonar

    really sad,
    awesome dude, awesome talent
    rest in peace kory

    This is horrible news, really going to miss him around here.
  • Poltart

    That is really sad to hear. I hope that he can R.I.P.

    Definitely makes today a sad day, but he was definitely a great guy and even though he knew things were tough for him he still kept going with art as he loved. I will definitely miss seeing updates from him.
  • Thirteen: Paradox Design

    Truly sad. Rest in peace.

    Ohhh damn. Terrible loss. I hate hearing that. Sooo sad, I never got to know him unfortunately but always loved seeing him around.
  • Who is Ryan C.

    :( I'm at a loss for words...

  • CoreyMV

    Very sad news. RIP Kory.
  • atomicchild

    we lost a brother

    You and Your art will be missed man
  • Design by Disorder

    Great guy. Such sad news. Hopefully we can all do something really great to honor an amazing artist.

    oh god!! very sad news! RIP Kory

    Rest In Peace.
  • Bedlam77

    sad day. was very inspired by him
  • cmeyers

    major bummer. wish his family the best.
  • Butch the Butcher

    Horrible news. RIP Kory
  • bob_mosquito

    This sucks...in so many ways. RIP Kory.
  • miles to go

    this is so terrible. seeing someone so young who had been battling this his whole life and be strong and positive is inspiring. i never got to know him outside of this forum or facebook but i hope he can keep creating wherever he is now.
  • ominous

    rest in peace skumie :)
  • Kyle Crawford

    I feel super bummed by this. I know I'm not a nice guy to most people, and Kory included. I have a stupid story to sort of share, if you dont want to hear it just scroll through this and onto the next comment. in 2011, I was on tour with New Found Glory. Ticket sales for Kansas City werent so hot, so I was told I could list anyone I wanted and I posted that on twitter and Facebook and all that good stuff. Keep in mind I had no idea about Kory's condition. Kory messaged me on Facebook saying he would want to come, I said yea dude you should come. He never came and I was immediately offended. He waited 2 days to tell me he felt like a piece of shit and that he should have came because he wanted to pick my brain and get pointers and stuff for shows and it just sounded like a million middle fingers smacking me in the face. I flipped out on him. Why wouldnt you want to meet someone that you supposedly look up to? and buy shirts from? I overreacted and buried him with insults (sorry to be distasteful with my analogies) I really wish I would have known he was in a wheel chair, and I would have understood. Not that that shit should matter, maybe he was embarrassed and maybe he was afraid I was going to make fun of him, because I can be a bit harsh. Needless to say this is and was one of many times I was a dick to him.

    I remember when I released the santa cruz hand shirts, and he kept suggesting and just trolling the facebook for EZ about how I should make a pack for all 4 and I just told him to cut it off and was mean to him yet again. Then he did this boot the foot thing. Now, I'll be honest about a bad characteristic I have, and I wish I could snub it and control it, but I can't. Things like gallery 1988 and shows and stuff like that that are pop culture based or things that relate to horror and pop culture, I'm never asked. Ever, maybe it's because i'm a dick, or maybe it's because, Maybe I'm not that good. but, to me, I feel like I am one of the pop culture dudes. I get offended when i see someone else bragging about being a part of a show or finding out about a show, but yet I'm not asked. It just immediately triggers the dickhead in me and I flip the switch. So the boot the foot thing. I was just massively offended I wasnt asked and I think he felt bad. He would ask me every week and I felt like he pitied me, and I didnt think it was a genuine invitation. So I constantly laid on the dickness out of spite.

    When I first heard about this, and his condition, my heart, ( again with the analogy) sank. I'll be a man and admit it, I cried and I sent him a message apologizing and how it pissed me off that people were like get well soon, and when will you make another shirt I want to buy it, its like he's not fucking getting any better, he's dying, its harsh and mean but its the truth and its fucking terrible. I told him all the things I'm telling you now, because I felt like I might never get a chance

    this dude was nice to me, even though he probably deservingly called me a cock behind my back. but whatever, he was kind to me
    supported my nerdy ideas and told me he was wearing my shirt as we were talking back and forth after he read my message

    it just fucking sucks, i wish I met him and wasnt so damn mean to him because I was pissy about some stupid ninja turtle thing. I gave him ideas and critiques and offered him my help and he didnt take it and the immature dude in me got pissed off and spiteful and I laid it on him really hard. I'm just glad that he accepted my apology and that he talked to me a few more times after.

    this is the last thing he said to me

    "See you are a good dude. Just remember what you do does actually count. If there wasn't a Kyle Crawford, there wouldn't be an Electric Zombie to make people happy and inspire them to keep pushing. I know it inspired me for sure."

    it's really awesome that a dude like him can take a negative, such as his physical mishap and bring it into a positive and create a style that is really out there and different. I can't believe he was able to create texture without USING texture. It was really one of a kind. It's really inspiring to have someone be so positive when he has all the reason to be negative and it makes someone like me who walks around hating the world and constantly negative take a step back and really appreciate and inspire to some day be as brave as he was

    I know that Im a mean, immature, egotistical asshole and I'm overly mean and harsh all the time.
    I'm mean to people for things they say and do, not for who they are and the things they like and make them them.

    Kory definitely earned more than my respect, and I just wish that he would have came to that show, he probably would have been an awesome dude, and I'll never get to find out
  • Perception Apparel

    I have never met him or talked to him but I have seen his work and been following his story. It is very sad to hear such horrible news. My condolences go out to all his friends and family.

    I'm speechless, he was a hero for me with all his positive attitude and art, rest in peace buddy!:(
  • Craig Robson

    i have absolutely no words to say. the world got a little bit darker today and if there is anything we and i can do to help out what is left in the skummie families lets do it. im sure there are a wife and kids who need our support right now.
  • x Nau x

    It's a horrible thing to hear, I wish the best for his family.
  • Setup85

    Why did this have to happen to an awesome and talented guy like him? Drinking some beers for Kory.
  • quakerninja

    I don't know his family are what there needs are or even how to approach this, but I think a lot of people would be willing to chip in.
  • TenTimesKarma

    R.I.P. Kory. What a sad day.
  • iamthetrend

    Really bummed to hear this. Nothing but the best to his family.
  • babix

    R.I.P. Skummie. his work was always top notch, and very inspiring.what a terrible loss
  • OptimisticDesigns

    He easily was one of my favorite designers on here - would've loved to have met him. Rest in peace, Kory.

    quakerninja said:I don't know his family are what there needs are or even how to approach this, but I think a lot of people would be willing to chip in.

    And this. I'd love to see the Mintees community come together to give a lending hand, if possible.
  • Mr. Doodle

    RIP my brother! :(
  • AngrySpade

    So very sad right now ='( I agree with part of what Kyle said, it bothered me a bit that everyone was saying get well soon and stuff. I mean if I was dying and I knew it I wouldn't want to hear that shit. I'm all for staying positive though, so I just hoped every day that he would at least make it through the holidays, and he did, what a trooper.

    Anyway, the world lost a great friend and artist today =(
  • _starryeyez_

    Perception Apparel said:I have never met him or talked to him but I have seen his work and been following his story. It is very sad to hear such horrible news. My condolences go out to all his friends and family.


    He fought for his life.. died as a hero.
    Rest in peace Skummie.
  • skytree

    This is sad..Rest in peace Kory
  • Aljon



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