Since everyone on Mintees lives and breaths art and art on t-shirts, I wanted to let you know about a new company devoted to that love.

Thread Council apparel brand run by a small group who value artists and the boldness of their choice to do what they love.

This is NOT a crowd-sourced website. This a curated collective of serious artists who have devoted their lives to creativity. We call our artists "The Council". These artists have created artwork for many a big name band and brand. You will see great designs by artists like Derrick Castle, Brandon Rike, Brandon Heart and Pinky to name a few.

Help support and participate in our goal to bring the art, artists and their stories to the forefront.

Thank you.


For a limited time, use promotional code: MINTEES to receive $10 off your next purchase!
* Promotion Ends: January 15th 2013

About the TC Curator -
Since you are probably wondering "who's this guy?"
My name is Fermin Mata. I worked in the music merchandise industry for almost 14 years as screen-printer, illustrator, designer, and art director at Cinder Block and Signatures Network/Live Nation Merchandise as Executive Director of Creative Services.
In 2010, I started my own creative services company in Oakland, Cailfornia called You're A Rebel. I provided a wide array of creative services (design,creative sourcing,presentation,color separations) to the music merchandise industry.
My goal is to show the value of the creative process and a proponent of do what your passionate about.
Things in the art world are evolving and I want to do whatever I can to move in the direction of more recognition for artists.
I've been a long time lurker on Emptees/Mintees, Deviant Art and Band Jobs.
I am always open to talking about the state of art and/or new people to work with so send me an email.
  • atomicchild

    Sounds cool to me. Look forward to seeing what you put out.

    I saw this posted yesterday and it was locked. Now its unlocked. Go figure.

    Its been really cool participating in Thread Council, especially since Fermin was one of the first art directors in the merch industry to reach out to me back in the emptees days. Fermin gave me the opportunity to work with bands that I grew up with like Aerosmith, poison, def Leppard and may more! When I was a kids drawing on my trapper keeper, I never would have imagined this! So when Fermin came a knocking, I was totally stoked to participate in Thread Council.

    Fermin approach to this project, was to allow the designers to just do what they felt. He gave no real art direction except to just do what you do. I think this trust is because he hand picked the artist that he resinated with and trusted in their craft. It was very freeing to be able to just go in and speak with my own voice. In doing so, I think these pieces are a little more personal to me. Hope you guys can check it out!


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