Hey guys, hope you're all enjoying the holiday season.

Back in November, I posted on here about a contest that we were in to win a pop-up retail space in Vancouver. You may or may not have seen the update, but we got something crazy like 1,300+ votes and won.

The pop-up shop date is finally here! So for any of you around the Vancouver area, we'll be over at 434 Columbia Street for the next two days (December 21st and 22nd) from 11AM-7PM. We're also throwing a bit of a party (spend the end of the world with us?) on the 21st, with live music and booze.

I'd also love to hear about people's experiences (good and bad) with retail/offline selling, whether it be through opening up your own store, doing a pop-up shop, or going to a tradeshow. I know that this has been the most stressful yet fun month so far just getting everything prepped.

If you're interested, you can check out and join the 'a href="http://www.facebook.com/events/130235617132696">Facebook event. Our new winter collection will also be available exclusively at the pop-up shop so stop by if you're around!

  • davis

    awesome, congrats man!

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