Currently working on SS13 pieces and I want to print a design using a Rubberised Ink, does anybody here have any experience with this type of product or are there any printers here that use it.

I'm looking for a raised solid effect, not super soft waterbased inks which are obviously the norm.

Thanks Guys
  • Strglc

    This looks good:

    I never used them but I'd suggest using a white mesh with smallest mesh count possible to print your design. This will help leaving a thicker deposit on the fabric.
  • cityhall

    I've seen a lot of examples of printing with "high density ink". Not sure if thats the same thing you're looking for but it kind of sounds like it. The coolest example I've seen was someone screen printed a design that looked like one of those wax stamps on a pair of blue jeans.

    I hear it takes forever to print each shirt though so good luck.
  • miles to go

    i think its called high density black. i have seen some stuff printed with it and its a pretty cool look.
  • DuckpakSupplyCo

    I agree with @cityhall and @milestogo our local store sells said ink as "high density"
  • tidyink

    I nearly bought this today for my brother in law (he wanted Hugo Boss), all the green is made of tiny raised cylinders about 2mm high that are printed into the shirt. Must be this ink. Was a cool effect
  • tidyink

  • RoonKill

    like this?

    ive done some work with this effect for Big W - but all our printing gets done in bangladesh

    High Density Sounds about right........I will look into it. Not printing myself but nice to know what to ask for with my Printer!

    Thanks Guys.

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