I've been seeing a lot of new "DIY" clothing companies lately that just plain suck (by DIY I mean sewing on their own patches to hats, etc). I guess if youre good at it you could make a DIY product look like any factory made one. What do you guys do with your lines? What do you guys prefer when buying?
  • Craig Robson

    id personally prefer to get something that lasts and looks good. usually this means its not made in someones kitchen, there are exceptions where handmade diy stuff works for me but its few and far between and usually needs a high level of craft as opposed to a money saving tactic.
  • Christiane

    I wouldn't buy from a 'DIY' company unless the person making the products was genuinely skilled at the craft.

    I love the handmade at home look as long as it doesn't fall apart.
  • miles to go

    i print the majority of my own stuff, fold it, bag it, ship it all by myself. a friend sews in my neck tags though.
  • Integral

    I battled with that in the past, and someone I really trust in the industry that has done very well told me to leave some things to the experts. The opportunity cost of learning and then printing isn't worth the cost to me, so I would rather have a nicer product. I would love to do one or two color prints, but I don't want my line to look like a hobby either.
  • Sam Kaufman

    I print all my own stuff and ship it. Not something I recommend tho - the learning curve is pretty huge with printing.
  • EricAbstruse

    I let the experts do everything besides creating the hang tags.
  • iloveantix

    I'd say printing is the exception...unless you're using a hand-made press and drying shirts in your oven - gross.

    I print most of my stuff but I also own a screen printing company so it's as professional as it gets.

    But I wouldn't recommend DIY patch sewing, especially not on hats. That would just plain suck.
  • miles to go

    although i print a lot of my own stuff, i have access to a full printing shop and have printed for 15 years. if i didn't have access to use a real shops stuff i wouldn't do it myself. as sam said, the learning curve is huge.
  • Skull With Hair

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