The first Phidias Gold toy is now up for sale!. There are currently only 30 toys up for sale so head over to the Phidias Gold online store quick and make sure you're one of the first. The reason we are limiting the releases is because these are all handmade and with one mold they take a bit of time to create. If you miss out this week, don't panic we will be dropping new batches of toys every week or two. We will send out newsletters every time we put a new batch up. Make sure to also follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

We just got word that the Phidias Gold beanies have left the factory and are on there way home. Get 25% off if you pre-order yours before the hats arrive on December 10th (Monday), don’t miss this! Head over to the online store and pick up a hat to keep your head warm and grab a second because a one size fits all unisex hat makes a great Christmas gift for everybody!
  • barkerballinger

    Looks really rad! Totally digging it!

    awesome man.
  • Setup85

    Nice, really wish I could wear a beanie in Texas.
  • joeROOSTER

    Setup85 said:Nice, really wish I could wear a beanie in Texas.

    agreed...nice beanie by the way
  • Skull With Hair

    cool, where are they made?
  • Jake DL

    fuck, i wish i had money :(
  • artbywesley

    Thanks for the good words fellas..

    Jake DL said:fuck, i wish i had money :(

    Jake don't kid, you got the dough.. i know..

    Skull With Hair said:cool, where are they made?

    Made in China
  • artbywesley

    The Phidias Gold toys are now FOR SALE.. 2 years in the making
  • Rockhart

    Looks awesome! It was great to see the whole process of creating this toy :D
  • SugarCoated

    Thank you for making this amazing toy! I Just got one! Excited to get it in my hands.
  • MonkeyMouth

    Picked up a toy as well! Great stuff!
  • artbywesley

    Thanks for the orders fellas.. You're going to love these little guys!
  • cityhall

    How much were the toys? I just want to know in case you do another batch
  • Erchu

    cityhall said:How much were the toys? I just want to know in case you do another batch


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