Hi everybody, my name is Adam. For five years I ran an independent clothing company called Sentimental Clothing and was an active member of the Emptees community. While running this company I learned some important things that a clothing company needs to survive in this competitive market: First) Successful clothing companies release new designs on a consistent basis, and Second) Even though running a clothing company can be inexpensive to start, small clothing companies need a steady inflow of cash to survive. So the question arises, how do you release fresh new designs if you aren’t keeping a steady inflow of cash? You Don’t! Stale inventory locks up your liquid assets and causes many small clothing companies to run out of money. Many start-up clothing companies fail for this reason, and it gave me an idea for a new webpage.

If you want to launch your next line successfully, you don’t want last season’s inventory sitting around on the shelf. You paid good money for those shirts sitting around gathering dust – get it back and put it to good use! Start by listing your older merchandise on GoneCotton.com

With GoneCotton.com, both the customers and the clothing companies win. Customers win by gaining access to some of the most discounted tee shirts and apparel available on the internet. Sellers win by placing their apparel in front of a smart and fashionable customer base that is looking for a good deal on great clothing. At GoneCotton.com, you can liquidize your assets quickly, recouping the money tied up in stagnant inventory, so that money can now be applied toward fresh new product and designs!

At GoneCotton.com, we will sell your apparel at the price YOU decide, taking a small fee for our service, calculated from a percentage of the sale price + shipping. These service fees drop as you chose to increase savings to customers.

I just got this started and would love your feedback and criticism. This is a service that I think could be a big help to smaller clothing companies.

  • miles to go

    i hope it works out. i can see why that first shirt didn't sell well for you. an inverted design is always bad news.
  • Meatball0

    Sounds like a great idea but it arises a few questions.

    - Will the seller have their own profile on the site where they list and set their own prices?
    - Will you set terms for discounting? I.E. 10% over production costs
    - Will you handle transaction processing and forward the order to the seller?
    - What are the costs for listing?
  • BluCanoe

    miles to go said:i hope it works out. i can see why that first shirt didn't sell well for you. an inverted design is always bad news.
  • Andrew Haines

    I'm getting the feeling that its a sort of mash between ideas of storenvy and society6? Does that mean that the old merch is shipped to you and the orders are handled through gonecotton? A little more info on the process would help explain some questions
  • sentimentaladam

    Thanks, Greg (Mile to Go) and BluCanoe

    To answer your questions:
    -Currently the seller does not have a profile, but that is something I would like to implement as the site grows. This profile would allow the seller to list their own products and all of the corresponding product information.
    -I already have terms and pricing set for sellers. All that information will be given to the sellers when they express an interest in selling.
    -All transactions will be processed through gonecotton.com and then the order information will be forwarded to the seller to ship.
    -Are you interested in listing? If so please send me an email at gonecotton.com [@] gmail.com and I will send you pricing information.

    The idea is that gonecotton.com will become a place where people know they can go to buy apparel for less than anywhere else. As of now the site will only sell one item at a time, for a limited time. We sell the apparel and then forward the order to the company for fulfillment.
  • Ellis

    What is the reasoning for having a timer?

    Unless I am misunderstanding, isn't the point of the site to be somewhat of a depot for unsold goods that didn't have an easy time selling in the first place, and the only real pull is that they are heavily discounted?

    I personally think it's a great idea as long as you keep junky tees out of the mix, but it would work out better if it was almost a 'warehouse' of old designs that someone could scroll through to find some nice shirts at a significantly lowered price.

    Also, the site could definitely use a facelift. (I'm sure that's in the works, being this is a new site and all.) But to promote it at such an early stage, I feel like you will lose your audience with a poor user-interface before ever getting started.

    Again, I think the idea is cool, but the execution so far is a little confusing and lackluster.

    Good luck either way!
  • Griggitee

    I like the idea and could understand the timer if it is a couple shirts at a time by a brand or even multiple shirts by several brands based on a certain theme.
  • Matt Borchert

    The website is very very bland. I would do something to liven it up, offer a more detailed description of what is being sold and who is selling it and what they're about. Don't have everything be so white... liven it up some.
  • OriginallyFresh

    Is this similar to whiskeymilitia.com?
  • sentimentaladam

    The timer has multiple functions; It acts as a motivator - people are more likely to act on something when they have a limited amount of time to do it. It also gives a time limit to move to the next product if sales aren't going well.

    I have thought about adding multiple tees to the site to sell, but I was thinking it would be better to add more as the site grows - I could be wrong.

    I understand that the site is bland right now. I have plans to make it more visually appealing and interactive. I just wanted to get something up and running.

    Thanks for the input
  • sentimentaladam

    OriginallyFresh said:Is this similar to whiskeymilitia.com?


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