Anybody heading out to UNIQUE NYC this weekend?

Reagan Smith Clarke and I will be there splitting booth 314 - selling t shirts and posters and warez and meeting people and generally having a good time amongst a hundred other vendors.

If you want to bypass admission hit me up early and ill give you a guest pass (limited)


Ill also be slinging a new print exclusively for the show along with some bargain scratch/dents and test prints

hope to see some of you out there
  • HarryDiaz

    Good luck! Should be a good time.
  • timofeie

    awesome print
  • Silver Tongue

    awesome! I'll definitely be swinging by
  • Craig Robson

    awesome print! wish i could be over there for it.
  • meredith

    We are there in booth 408.
  • iloveantix

    Sweet! Wish I could be there too...i need some test prints :)

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