I'm beyond excited to finally release Rook. A typeface I've been working on for sometime.

Developing a typeface was definitely a larger task then I originally thought, and cannot wait to start on the next one. I'd love for you guys to check it out and give your support. Check out the Rook site for more info.


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  • deadera

    This is really cool.
  • Setup85

  • Serji Gold

    Well done!
  • Craig Robson

    super cool
  • Tom Philibeck

  • Myth

    Really nice.
  • deekin

    Looks so good!
  • Jason Carne

    Great work, just picked it up man.
  • Smiths Canvas

    Thanks guys, the response has been great so far.

    Jason you rule, thanks.
  • treycook

    Awesome stuff. You should use it as a @font-face on your site as a live example alongside the screenshots, although browser anti-aliasing might not provide a consistent look.
  • Sam Kaufman

    So damn clean. Great work
  • Mattfacce

    Love it, looks great.
  • JeffByNight

    Solid work man
  • J.W.C.

    Nice font.
  • cmeyers

  • Strglc

  • Adhesive Hippo

    Looks great! Did you make all the letters in Illustrator then import them over to a font software and work from there?
  • twicolabs

    worth to buy.
  • Adhesive Hippo

    Also just want to say I really like the rook logo/icon.
  • Jake DL

  • chad manzo

    Sam Kaufman said:So damn clean. Great work

    I cannot describe how beautiful this slab typeface is... very very very beautiful. Even with tight/loose kerning and leading, it still looks beautiful!
  • 5thGM

    Nice and clean!
  • Who is Ryan C.

  • Anthony Smith

    .....that ampersand!

    Impressive work dude. The serifs are fantastic, they almost transform it into another typeface at smaller scale.
  • MattisGentle

    Very nice! Couldn't pass this up!
  • TwinSrpnt

    Dayoom! Excellent.
  • TenTimesKarma

  • Andrew Haines

    Damn fine
  • Greg Abbott

  • Sam Weinberg

  • bo-ken

    It kind of reminds me of the Pittsburgh Pirates font.

    But yours looks way better. Also, Rook is a great name.
  • Smiths Canvas

    Thanks guys. All the hard work was worth it, you guys rules. And can't wait to get moving on the next one.
  • ShineOn

    So good
  • CapitlClothing

    Love it!
  • Christiane

    Just bought it! beautiful.
  • drop

    just bought it too. love this one!

    Great typeface. I dig.
  • CBS-Ink

    Awesome font!
    Name the next one Pawn or Bishop... keep it goin
  • Realistnw

    Looks great!

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