Hey Mr. Mod?
I just checked my profile page on here, and in hordes tees I didn't found my tee design "Undertaker",,, and I try to check on "Tees Of The Day" tab I didn't found it as well, may I know what's going on with that? or it's just a bug?


sorry if it's disturbing, I'll lock this post immediately after I get an answer.

thank you :)


  • fuggart

    My design for "Finch" has disappeared too... mysterious...
  • dobi

    we aren't quite sure what happened, but a few users are reporting tees vanishing, if yours is gone just reupload it. none of us deleted stuff intentionally.
  • fuggart

    That's cool just re-uploaded but can it get put through to community tees again? the last one disappeared after I got the confirmation e-mail!
  • dobi

    done and done

    Got it :), thanks so much Mr. Dobi
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