Look at my box!

I made a display box for my Skummie 1" buttons. Just for funz. I printed it out on 13x19 photo paper (Im sure you can get better stock the that) and cut it out n glued it together. I kinda butchered the top a bit haha

Made some templates for ya if you want to give it a shot! 13x19 printing is recommended unless ya want a mini box.

Template JPG

Template PSD

And yes they really are 50 cents a piece! http://store.skummie.com/

    thats pretty awesome man.
  • 8-bit ZOMBIE

    Already told you this but man, that is the coolest thing ever! Great job and thanks for the template!
  • Kyle Crawford

    dude... thats awesome
  • atomicchild

    hell yeah this is great
  • Setup85

    That looks great. I need that JP one in the back.
  • gaunty

  • Greg Abbott

  • Thirteen: Paradox Design

    super rad!
  • Serji Gold

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  • 110specialblack

    Yours looks awesome man! Thanks for the template.
  • itcamefromthesky

    That is amazing! Solid work. Trying this later for sure.
  • TwinSrpnt

  • CoreyMV

    So rad!

    Thanks guys! It was a fun little project.

    Also make sure you count the buttons before ya dump em all in one box haha
  • xic

    damn i like that real cool ya giving out the template, thanks

    I looked all over for a template and couldn't find one, so I made one.
  • LaFlamme

    Well done Kory,
    This is looking Ace!!!
  • Bram

    Nice one. The buttons rock as well :-D
  • Jake DL

    awesome idea, thanks for the template.
  • jjworthington

  • Erchu

    This is so awesome dude!
  • Streetcorner

    Cheers Mate. Looks great!
  • Yellowdog

    Ha! Quality.

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