Its going on my right knee.

I have a wolf on the other knee already and need a sheep on this one.

This is the only image that I like so far.
(sorry for not giving credit, don't remember who did it)

If you have ever drawn a sheep for someone, or have seen a nice looking one please post it for me!

Any help is appreciated!

  • Craig Robson

    john "the hobbler" hobbs did that one.

    just go to a wicked tattoo artist and get them to draw one up for your knee, rather than copying something else you'll have something custom and just for you.

    this aint bad though:
  • amandalove

    That is an awesome tattoo. Good Luck! I wish to have such a great tattoo in my arm. has the same quality of printing for their products. Keep sharing valuable artwork. Many Thanks.

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