Hey Everyone,
I'm excited to present you with our new Artist Collection Brand UNITED ARTIST NETWORK! It features a few awesome Mintees artists, as well as some local artist native to San Diego where we are located.

Here is our official corporate announcement:
United Artist Network is proud to announce the new madeforgood.com web platform as the official online store of UNITED ARTIST NETWORK. Made For Good is a collective of brands that all have a greater purpose, and United Artist Network finds itself in great company, with brands from Not For Sale, Dan Eldon, 1Love (from the Marley family) and many more. We encourage you to go and check out the latest UAN line, and use code "WEAREUNITED" at checkout to get 25% off your entire purchase of UAN Apperal items...BLAH BLAH BLAH

Direct Store Link: United Artist Network

We are hoping that this is only the beginning. We've got new shirts we're working on and some more awesome artists coming very soon. Take advantage of our new release with 25% off by using the code "WEAREUNITED" at checkout.

I'm truly proud to be a part of this project, and really happy about how this turned out!
  • Cameron Latham

    Awesome stuff!
  • kevinluong

  • PitchGrim

    kevinluong said:Solid!

    If you're looking for any artists to potentially work with in the future, keep me in mind. This looks awesome.
  • itcamefromthesky

    This rules, Raul!
  • Killer Napkins

    now this is what I am talking about!
  • Setup85

    Me getting the Horsebites!
  • Skull With Hair

  • NVasion

    those are some great shirts.
  • SashaBloom

    kevinluong said:Solid!

  • Craig Robson

    i did a thing too!
  • Killer Napkins

    I bought a fuckload of shirts.... well 5.
  • Thirteen: Paradox Design

    NVasion said:those are some great shirts.
  • jonas art

    NVasion said:those are some great shirts.
  • BCHC

    I really like "That Castle" design by SWH.
  • gaunty

    Hoping to move to SD in the new year. This is a collection I would have no problem repping. Sick stuff.
  • Paul Granese

    Oh man, everything looks so rad!
  • 110specialblack

    Mighty sexy.

    Rad stuff!

    way good.
  • Sushilove

    great stuff! I like the horsebites tees the most.
  • HarryDiaz

    That D. Millaward tee is mine!
  • Sam Weinberg

    too, too good.
  • heat.

    good stuff!
  • chad manzo

    oh man, love the one by SWH and Millward. Hope I can do something for you, though.
  • TenTimesKarma

    man these are great. seriously. love all these!

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