Huge project with Capcom!
  • prajoedi

    i want adon pleas...
  • Pablo

    Funny I just saw this on the front page of SRK, good stuff man.
  • RobotTiger

    this is genius
  • heat.

    I saw one of these on the curleh mustache streaming!

  • Husky

    Amazing! The Shoryuken tee above is quality!
  • sockmonkee

    Awesome work, Terry! Would love a print of all these.
  • HarryDiaz

    fucking rad!
  • kayas

    each character done consistently~

    so damn cool. awesome stuff kineda!
  • kineda

    Thanks all for the kind words! :)
  • monkeyballz

    So sick. I got a friend who will probably buy most of them.
  • kineda

    Had to share this... one of our fans tattooed our Guile design on his ribs. So sick and too crazy!

  • ResilienceXIII

    Whaaaat no Dan??

    anyhow the Ken one is awesome.

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