Hey guys, I have a little question concerning video cameras.

I'm doing some time-lapse videos once in a while. Most of them are screen captured so I do not really have quality problems with those. When I record a quick doodle on paper I use a basic Canon powershot SD who apparently record in HD. No need to tell you the quality is so so. Nah it's pretty bad to be honest. Here's an example:

Recently, I tried my friend's Panasonic HDC-SD10 full HD which I was sure the quality would be better than what I usually use... but I find it worst than my actual Canon digital camera. I don't know if just adding big light spots would do the tricks on the quality or I just need a better Camera. I'm kind of lost when I look at all the model in store. What you guys would suggest to record HD videos with inside low-light environment?
  • haxereth

    Get a t2i. And use lights :)
  • Dr_Worm

    definitely an slr is the way to go these days. Also lights are never a bad idea
  • LaFlamme

    I wasn't sure at first because I already own a SLR (a Nikon without video recording unfortunately, and didn't want to change it). From what I read, for the price and quality of what the T2i has to offer, I think it could be a great alternative. I might have to rent one and do some tests. Another suggestion you guys think it worth trying? Concerning lights, what kind of setup or products should I look for?

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