Good day all,

Pretty sure someone posted a link on here the other week to the most amazing second hand screen printing equipment site. The company is based in England and has everything from second hand screens to full on 24 colour automatic printers. I remember salivating profusely when looking through the site but literally cannot remember the name, find the link or any info about it anywhere.

Any clues or links to sites you guys use would be great.

Many thanks.
  • BlindAspiration

    Have you tried Based in the USA. Used it as a source, until I relalized a start-up brand should not try to print there own shirts.
  • Yellowdog

    Cheers for the link man but I've already checked those guys out. I wouldn't discount printing your own clothing though; I started out a year ago with nothing and I'm now printing everything for my own brand as well as making a full time job printing commercially. Patience, dedication and plenty of ink all over the gaff is the key. Good luck whatever route you choose though mate.

    If anyone else has a link or knows who I'm on about then let me know.
  • Biffcreative

  • Yellowdog

    biff they are our great friends :) - however, it was more a homemade style website that catered a lot of second hand stuff. Needle in a haystack stuff going on it seems!
  • Yellowdog

    Sorry to bump this thread but I thought it best to answer my own question in case people search this question in future.

    Website I was looking for -

    ...and another handy website I found on my Google travels -
  • dano87

    Thanks for those links, I'll check them out. I've been using this website for my supplies -
  • JackBird

    I stumbled across this page (about 5 years too late!) because I was looking for something similar, and found these:

    Seem a good option for those based in the UK, which I am. Hope this helps!
  • pandawill

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