Having a hard time finding a screen printer here in Canada. Thinking I shouldn't go through an American printer because of shipping/customs. Anybody have any good recommendations ?
  • cruise

    there's tons of screen printing shops in canada dude.
  • MasonBurke

    Yes. Im quite aware. That doesn't mean they are all good. I never asked if a canadian screen printing shop existed, just trying to see who you folk's usually use, see if anybody has somebody they really like/really do not like to use. Just trying to save myself the hassle of potentially dealing with bad people or getting bad product
  • MasonBurke

    Just realized I sounded like an angry cunt for a second there. My apologies
  • AngrySpade

    http://www.printerlistings.com has tons of screenprinters and some have been reviewed if you're looking for opinions.

  • Archer


    Run by a great guy who really knows his stuff.
  • godsloadedsociety

    Can vouch for both. Great companies. All depends on where you are from after that.
  • Flower Children

    Are you around Montreal? I know a couple places.
  • MasonBurke

    Im in nova scotia, 12 hour drive from MTL, but would be really close to order from

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