Interesting article that music blogger, Greg Kennelty wrote about the stifling popularity of the black t-shirt in the world of metal merchandise. He asked me to contribute a few thoughts as well, which I was more than happy to do.

Thought the Mintees crowd would dig the read.
  • Jupit

    overall a good read!
    but I think the article is overgeneralizating a bit. at least since the mid-90's there isn't that dogma anymore, as a metal band to have strictly black shirts. sure they're still the majority, but that mostly comes with the subject matter, I think. nowadays it has softened up and even some of the most "evil" black metal bands print on all sorts of colours.
    don't know, if you know about, but it's quite interesting to browse and see the progression of styles and different genres over the years.
    and the lyric shirt is a creation of the HC scene, so blame them ;) also: black always goes with everything else you wear, right?
  • Electricpixel

    the bigger a band gets the more colors options are available to them. a metal band starting out would lose money if they ever printed anything other than black t-shirts.

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