A curation of usable high resolution found and original graphics, textures, type and patterns.

Some of them are even free! Looks interesting and I'll definitely be following to see where this goes. Although, we may be seeing a lot of these popping up in shirt designs from now on.
  • lonelykidsclub

    Very cool concept, I quite like the style of the what they have posted thus far.
  • Joshua Jordan

    You click the button that says "FREE"! I only downloaded the free one, but it's just like the image shown, but 19"x15" at 300 DPI.

    And yeah, for $2 you could pretty much just print this on a shirt.
  • Smiths Canvas

    Looking forward to the abuse of this.
  • A.L.D

    Great find Joshua!
  • chad manzo

    great find. just bought. may not ever use these on any projects, just curious to take a look at it up close and see how I can integrate the look and feel with my illustration style.
  • atomicchild

    I wouldn't worry about it this american style is coming up on a year old....about time to change

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