I am trying to use Adobe Muse with my bigcartel page. I'm basically wanting to use bigcartel's e-commerce setup with my own site design. Does this seem possible? When you export your website on Adobe Muse it gives you a folder with all the code/images. I have little experience with coding/web design but I'm assuming I need a FTP client? I'm also open to alternative ways to host without using bigcartel but I mainly wanted to use them due to their ecommerce. If I use Adobe Muse would I have to scrap using bigcartel and incorporate my own ecommerce? I'm sorry if my question is scatter brained but any input on this would help. Thanks guys.
  • Matt Borchert

    You can completely integrate big cartel into a website with a bit of coding knowledge.
  • OriginallyFresh

    Sorry for the thread bump. But I am wondering more about this as well. We started using Muse at work recently and it is unbelievable how it has changed our website game.

    I was wanting to figure out if you could use Muse with Bigcartel because I love their ecommerce as well. BUT if your looking for another option I "hear" that this is a decent option. Haven't tried it out for myself tho so I can't fully back it.

  • fuggart

    when talking about a proper piece of code like integrating bigcartel into a website or re-shaping bigcartel code to a custom design I highly don't recommend Muse. In my experience Muse is only suited to basic web needs. I suggest hiring a coder. I can recommend some good ones if you need them.

  • junostudio

    Although Muse is convenient for some, it isn't a professional solution or a product I personally would ever support. The code is very sloppy, horrible for seo, and would most likely be a nightmare to integrate any shopping cart platform (especially without coding knowledge).

    Muse (in my opinion) is nothing more than a direct-to-garment printer, while it's convenient and cheap, it isn't going to deliver a product worthy of using. If you're truly serious about your business, invest in it or take the time to learn the skills you need to be successful.

    Goodluck and if you ever need a developer: http://themesixty.com
  • Design by Disorder

    Although i don't know anything about Muse or Coding this might help. http://www.muse-themes.com/blogs/news/6188402-creating-an-online-store-ecommerce-in-adobe-muse-video-training
    It does use an different ecommerce site but the idea is pretty much the same.

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