I'm back with some good news, in order to make room for the next collection launching soon For Whom The Bell Tolls is having a massive sale with 60% off EVERYTHING and a FREE limited edition Devout X F.W.T.B.T. shirt for orders over $30!


  • 110specialblack

  • Craig Robson

    fixed a link in there for you, i want to pick up the two bandanna and both patches but shipping is setting me back $20, almost the same price as the items.
  • ForWhomTheBellTolls

    Crap, thanks for the link input. I've updated the shipping to make it a little better as well, cheers for the feedback.

    It sucks sending from/getting things sent to Australia, Im not exactly sure why but almost every time I buy something from overseas I end up paying as much for the shipping as I do for the item. I bought the Skeletonwitch vinyl/shirt/poster pack for their latest album that was $45 and had to pay $52 shipping, which was awesome.
  • ForWhomTheBellTolls

    Bumping because the sale is still going, it'll be on till the end of april so hit it up.

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