Hey guys,

Im new on here, and I can't work out why my work is being rejected from Mintees.
If anyone can shed some light onto it that would be awesome. Im not sure if its that the quality of my work is not high enough or my mock-up is not good enough.


  • dobi

    you posted it three times, the first one hasn't officially been "rejected" yet, it is still sitting in the queue.

    the problem is, people don't care to vote on work with owls or skulls so they sit in the queue longer.
  • Tillbrook

    Ok I understand. Thanks for the quick reply
  • Craig Robson

    the color scheme is pretty awful if you ask me. there is not enough contrast in those yellow/browns and the red jumps right out. youce used that light sand color in the clock face but nowhere else (really, apart from the odd higlight) so its looks pretty amateur.
  • Tillbrook

    Thanks for you feedback. Unfortunately the design is already printed but I will take this into consideration in future.
  • Craig Robson

    i thinks its just one of those things you learn, if it was me i would have used some of that red and white (im calling it white for ease) in the chest of the owl, i would have picked out the beak in white and possibly put a claw in near the bottom of the chest where it meets the tail, also in white.

    id have used the extra colors to create a really fun pattern in the owls face, layers of colors look like layers of feathers, i did an owl for D.R.U.G.S where i used a bunch of colors to really go to town on the guy:

    just have some more fun with it.
  • Tillbrook

    Really appreciate your feedback. Love the D.R.U.G.S design. I will take everything you have said into account. Thank you!

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