Im just starting up and im just wondering what some worthwhile promotion resources are? Lately Ive only been promoting on the typical twitter/facebook (im so used to doing the band thing this just seems natural) And ive started plastering stickers everywhere foot/car traffic is. Any suggestions, comments?
  • Christiane

    flyers, blogging, vlogging
  • Craig Robson

    hogging and dogging have worked in the past too.
  • SashaBloom

    Find your age market. Get it out to mates, Get them to tell other mates about your brand. Facebook is probably the best way. When I look at buying a tee. I look at the product shot, seeing someone wearing it is the money shot.

    Email popular bands. Its always a promotinal boost when a popular band. Is wearing your stuff.
  • Killer Napkins

    Craig Robson said:hogging and dogging have worked in the past too.

    Door to door clogging works from time to time.
  • Arry

    chatting with indie boutiques, keeping it local, offer some swag to bands.

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