Someone on Facebook put a link up to Down But Not Out website so i thought I'd have a look at there new range...

I'm sure I've seen this before!

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and this is there rip of Bring Me The Horizon merch
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  • heat.

    First one is this: by our favorite christiane.

    Looks like a good cheap brand...

    This company is the brainchild of Josh from the band You Me At Six. If you've never heard them, their basically the pop/rock countersuit to BMTH over there in the UK-- Lazy, trendy designs to match lazy, trendy music.
  • dobi

    meh, christiane did say it was sold. there is other mintees for sale designs being sold there too so maybe they actually bought it.

    regardless, the store is just a mish mosh of trends, there is even a "white text over red box" design + an obama parody.
  • Christiane

    Yeah they did buy it.. and i don't think the bottom one is really a rip.. It's just another one of the trendy things much like anchors, triangles. His target market is the same as his music though so it sort of makes sense.

  • connor

    Josh (Down But Not Out, You Me At Six) is very good friends with Oli (Drop Dead, Bring Me The Horizon) and have even featured on each others albums. I think the bottom design is really, really close and cannot see any way in which that isn't extremely awkward...
  • GetMore

    £25 for a single colour vest?? Talk about reachin' lol

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