Welcome to Latitude Supply Co.
Influenced by the docks, and the seas beyond, Latitude Supply Co. is a lifestyle brand aimed at combining the adventurous elegance of the Atlantic with the relaxed sophistication of the Pacific. Once a lofty concept taken on by four friends, Latitude Supply Co. has flourished into a purveyor of innovative designs made with the finest quality material, handcrafted on the California Coast.



  • Craig Robson

    gorgeous products, great price point.
  • DanielAndHisArt

    That site is money. Looking like a thousand bucks.
  • labyrinth

    Great work, the quality and attention to detail really shines through.
  • zb

    love it
  • thebrightco

    Looks great!
  • heat.

    Looking good.
    Love the music in the video too.
  • Eureka!!!

    This is some hot stuff
  • uglybetsy

    everything looks amazing. congrats!

    man this is the real deal. Very nice.
  • Arry

    ugh love the front end of the store. well done.
  • Jason Carne

    Very nice stuff, impressive.

    When you hover over the header it still says "just another Wordpress site", just thought I'd give the heads up.

    Reaaaaal nice!
  • Setup85

    Very nice. Really digging the Privateer pants.
  • bo-ken

    This shirts is great.

  • dougie

    So tight. Love the concept driven nature of it and the custom items really make it stand out, nice work!
  • toothfeather

    bo-ken said:This shirts is great.

    Scurvy is for the ____??
  • RobotTiger

  • toothfeather

    ah. duhh.
  • sven5228

    Wow looks great! amazing evolution from latitude clothing.
  • A.L.D

    Amazing stuff! The salty seas shirt is purdy.
  • TheUTee

  • Vinny S

    wasent crazy about the name containing "supply co" but the products make up for it, simply amazing!
  • Who is Ryan C.

    Everything looks awesome!
  • xic

    sweet pants man and that The Steward polo is mint
  • Smiths Canvas

    Not too crazy about the name either. And wish the product shots were the same quality as the lookbook shots/video. But cool stuff. Your brand or something you were just involved with?
  • Joshy Jetplane

    Shirts are too expensive
  • Craig Robson

    Joshy Jetplane said:Shirts are too expensive

    for you
  • OptimisticDesigns

    Will be interested in purchasing in about 3-5 years. ahaha
    Digging the Skipper and the Gunner.
  • Who is Ryan C.

    Joshy Jetplane said:Shirts are too expensive

    Not really, but the jackets are :(
  • Joshy Jetplane

    Craig Robson said:
    Joshy Jetplane said:Shirts are too expensive

    for you

    good one
  • zb

    Joshy Jetplane said:Shirts are too expensive

    I think the stuff has a great price point
  • Sam Weinberg

    Quality stuff, everything looks great.
  • matt901

    The site is awesome. Love everything apart from the product shots. I appreciate that they are trying to go for something a bit different but they're just a bit dark and unappealing. Bit of a shame too cause that's really the most important part of the site.

    Looks Great, Congratulations!
  • x Nau x

    Love this
  • Derisory Designs

    Everything looks fantastic Julian, Price point is perfect for the aesthetic and market you are trying to reach.
  • MeDrinkWindex

    In my opinion, the product shots are dark and the heavy shadow in the background is distracting and takes away from the actual product :/ ...And not going to lie, I wouldn't spend $36 (+ shipping) for 1 t-shirt :/
  • FindYourLatitude

    Use promo-code "launch" for wholesale pricing!

    I definitely couldn't afford this stuff, but if i could i would definitely buy it. everything looks amazing!

    FindYourLatitude said:Use promo-code "launch" for wholesale pricing!

    amazing discount

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