Hey guys,

We have started to do fulfillment at Obscure along with offering distribution to all our customers. No sure if any of you are interested in this but if so let drop me an email on the address below and i can send some more information over.

  • PartySmartie

    Sounds great!
    I wouldnt need that service, but it could be a great opportunity for smaller brands from the states to sell their stuff in europe without rid. high shipping fees
  • heat.

    Yeah good idea.
    I like that obscure logo btw, not sure about that JUDDARCRY one though...
  • Obscure

    Judda logo is nothing to do with me it is their company haha. I have mentioned it....

    This opportunity is for all our customers so if you are an American brand we would print all your European wholesale orders. So no shipping fees...
  • Perception Apparel

    That is pretty interesting. Not sure if i am ready for something like this but will email for more info!
  • Craig Robson

    sounds fucking great! i was thinking of selling out this year and this might be the perfect way to do so!

    i just stamped about 100 prints and im dreading packaging them up! this would be a weight off my shoulders.
  • Obscure

    It is pretty straight forward and no cost involved. If you drop me an email I can chat about some details.
  • Denimous Snake

    ThomassLouis@Gmail.com the bottom of the image isn't loading for me. haha.
  • Obscure

    Replied to everyone that has sent over an email. As i said before there really is no extra cost involved from your point of view all we need is full rez artwork and linesheet/mockups.

    A lot of people have been going nuts and saying well then we want everything on AA or continental. Sadly it doesn't work like that. In order to reach you wholesale price bracket unless you print gildan soft/heavy/ultra you won't be able to achieve that. For slightly bigger brands yea doable because your orders will be a lot higher but for smaller brands it aint gona happen.

    If you need more explaining then get in touch.

  • Rico

    thought this was going to be some stupid thread about SOPA.

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