I dropped it and the coil broke. Whilst attepting to open the pen I managed to snp the circuit boarf in half. The photo is on my blog http://www.designsbygaunty.com/blog/.

Anyway, it's a good excuse to upgrade. Anyone have an intuos 4 S or M for sale or know if I could score one cheap in January sales in the US?
  • Andrew Haines

    Damn man! Haha it looks like you hit it with a hammer. I'll keep and eye out
  • luismtz

    I was also thinking of upgrading mine with an intuos4, but then I did some research and the Bamboo Create is a pretty solid option as well, it is multi-touch so you can rotate the page with your hand and stuff like that. Also, you can make it wireless for $50 more, check this out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wacom-Bamboo-Create-Wireless-Option-ACK40401-/320814252622?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item4ab205024e
    Oh, by the way, its active area is somewhere between the intuos4 small and medium's, and it's only $200.
  • gaunty

    I'll never make it as a doctor that's for sure. Heart transplants are too fidly for my sauage fingers. Another question. How much of an advantage is having the M over the S?
  • uzi

    The S has fewer express keys than the other sizes.

    In my experience, bigger isn't always better - but monitor/tablet size ratio makes a difference. If you work on a big monitor, I recommend getting a tablet about just as big or closer.
  • wayan

    yes I agree with you, Uzi, the important thing is the size and level of the monitor color depth, and size of the tablet. :)
  • jonas art

    ouch man!that's suck

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