Hi everyone, been a while since I gave Mintees an update, so I thought I would give you guys a shot at winning the entire 6 shirt collection in a Facebook contest (normally $150 of product). All you have to do is give AV a shout on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (or anywhere else) telling people to go like the Among Villains Facebook page and spread the link around. If you can get us to 500 likes by Sunday at midnight, one lucky winner will guaranteed get their package of all 6 designs before Christmas. Make sure to tag AV in your posts so I can keep track of who's posting, good luck guys (and gals)!






  • WillDaBeast

    I'm winning this.
  • Joshy Jetplane

    No Im gonna win.
  • cityhall

  • haxereth

  • Zeekerton

    I have space for those in my closet. I am down.
  • lazyeye

    And... Done :)
  • chad manzo

    Joshy Jetplane said:No Im gonna win.

    i'll beat you to it, suckaz.
  • Among Villains

    Thanks guys.

    Not sure why, but none of the tags on Facebook are showing up on the AV page for me. Is anyone else seeing them?
  • Jake DL

    done. i wanna win.

    good to see an update on your brand. i like it alot.
  • Lmerrill

    I'm all in.
  • 110specialblack

    retweeted. or is it facebook only? it's early in the morning and i'm confused.
  • Among Villains

    110specialblack said:retweeted. or is it facebook only? it's early in the morning and i'm confused.

    It can be either (or even Tumblr if you want). As long as the Facebook page gets to 500 likes, you can post it however you want.

    I've been thinking that if it doesn't reach 500 that I'll come up with some sort of alternative prize.
  • Among Villains

    Hey jerks, keep going - 30 likes down, about 160 to go. Get to it!

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