4 years ago today I started Electric Zombie. I sat on my floor, folding and bagging shirts and hoping that one day that it would catch the eyes of everyone. I am happy and very lucky that you got to witness the growth (that’s what she said) and watch it become what it is today. I am very appreciative that you respect and love the brand and support and enjoy my retarded and fun ideas that comes spewing out of my head and onto your chest (again, that’s what she said). I love and appreciate each and everyone one of my fans, (and anti supporters, you get a bigger kiss!) even though you never like to read and love to complain. (I’m looking at you Brazil!) I usually have a birthday sale, but I was asked to be a part of the IAMBROKE sale, so it kind of intertwines, use the code “IAMBROKE” at check out to save 25%. I also launched a new look for the store, which you can see here http://www.buyelectriczombie.com

I want to thank a few sites and people who have supported me or just been all out awesome to me and my art and what I’ve done.

Everyone at Merch Now, from the guys at the top, to the pullers, printers, and packers (mmmmm). New Found Glory, for letting me annoy and stress you out and be a part of the tour and let me get to meet some of my fans and make new ones! Chad Gilbert, of New Found Glory, for supporting my dumb ideas, and wearing them before anyone else and getting mad for not using those ideas for his shirts ;) Sam Kaufman, Horseshits, Derek Deal, Felix, Dobi, Rhys Cooper, Evanimal, Chris Lovell, Clark Orr, and Keaton Henson, for helping me bring my dementedness to life. Justin Tortilla Soup, for busting out my site codes and magic on seasonal basis (YOU STUD). Brady, Christian, and Gary for dealing with my pickiness and revisions! Adam Elmakias, for being an awesome friend and even amazing photographer (http://www.lensbracelet.com ) and my Dad for making me watch Nightmare on Elm Street and Evil Dead when I was 3 (probably younger, I lived on Elm street) and basically giving me the inspiration to create the dumb stuff I do for everyone

Thank You so much for another year of gloriousness. Here’s to another year and to a hopeful amazing 2012, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

- Kyle Crawford
Electric Zombie / Grave Taker’s baby daddy (and momma)

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