Will post my rubbish attempt using a cheese knife tomorrow.

Go on get yerr pumpkin out!
  • Napalm Tree

    Charlie Brown. Took me forever and didn't turn out the greatest, but it was fun.

  • Colemadethis

  • Obscure

    Not lit it up yet as we don't have any candle haha, it is my logo's retarded cousin vinny.

  • Demented

    My first pumpkin ever:
  • Obscure

    Demented said:My first pumpkin ever:

    Haha that is sick! I feel embarrassed my girlfriend did her first pumpkin last night of Jack skeleton and hers is better than mine:)
  • PitchGrim

    Nothing crazy but my wife is a huge fan

  • Willy Wolf

    One I made last year:

  • MattisGentle

    Nothing too fancy, I'll try to get more into it next year.

  • Sic Sweet

    I suck at carving.
  • Nuke_Mutant

    Colemadethis said:WHOOP WHOOOOOOP

    lol juggalos
  • Who is Ryan C.


  • mhooper

    Who is Ryan C. said:?

    I lol'd
  • Chreck

    mhooper said:
    Who is Ryan C. said:?

    I lol'd

  • jqdunn

  • Sam Weinberg

    Sailor pumpkin

    Pulpit rock
  • Craig Robson

    these are all pretty rad, i love pumpkin carving, i did a bunch this year but they have rotted already and smell like booze.

  • C A T S N E E Z E

  • Yellowdog

    Nothing on par with some of the quality seen here.

    But a little logo.

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