YO. A local street artist and buddy of mine got commissioned for a project in West Atlanta for a mural in a part of the city that gets tagged a bunch. Him and the building owners are looking for some funding to get the project underway for supplies and prep work, so he set up a kickstarter project. He's a good artist and a good guy, so if you get the chance lend him a hand or pass the word. Thanks guys!

  • liam_

    not trying to be a dick, but if this was commissioned shouldn't it already have funding?
  • Chreck

    Whoops I guess I worded it wrong. He said the owners and the people of the community (?) set up the kickstarter to fund it for him. It's not one of the richer parts of midtown, but I guess they still want him to do the mural so they're trying this out.
  • liam_

    right on. backed it. good luck!
  • Chreck

    Here's some of his other murals

  • Ed.

    Looks like a great positive project.
    I'll have to throw over a few dollars.
    Good luck with it! Looks lke its doing really well so far.
  • Chreck

    Awesome, looks like it's already about funded. Thanks guys!
  • TheUTee

    awesome stuff

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