For those who have troubles with kerning, try this little game out. Makes good practice.
  • Joshy Jetplane

    No way!
  • Serji Gold

    Got 86 out of 100 on my first try. Pretty fun.

    That was fun haha, 85 for me.
  • DrewGliever

    89/100 for my final score
  • Andrew Haines

    I got an 87 haha. Pretty cool.
  • mrdavenport

    88/100. way cool!
  • gaunty

    I got 84. The shame. Was excited when the first 3 were 100 then it all went to shit. The hardest bit for me was the Spacing between the arkward Capital letters.
  • Smiths Canvas

    Some of their 'correct' solutions look terrible.

  • Chreck

    Smiths Canvas said:Some of their 'correct' solutions look terrible.

    eep that looks really bad.
  • DoinFine

    Smiths Canvas said:Some of their 'correct' solutions look terrible.

    I must admit, i thought that. Not gone all the way through though, its late and im to tired!
  • Anthony Smith

    Some of those looked shit, but i got 93 / 100 all together.
  • Tom Philibeck

    Chreck said:
    Smiths Canvas said:Some of their 'correct' solutions look terrible.

    eep that looks really bad.

    Yeah, I think it's because the kerning is too loose overall.
  • RustyEight

    Meh 84, but yeah a lot of the solutions were horrible.
  • MonkeyMouth

    94/100 for me, but yeah, some of them is terrible
  • Decappuccino

    73 first try, 89 second try haha
  • Matt Borchert

    boom headshot!
  • SamLarson

    91. Def don't agree with some of them though.
  • Balefire

    86 for me... pretty cool!
  • kayas

    87/100.. damn, i got 30 at the last turn~
  • Patrick

    90 for me!
  • D3

    81, not that bad i guess..
  • Rockhart

    88/100 but this game is pretty glitchy:
  • andrE w.

    89/100 - 4 perfects, and a handful of 70's, ha.
  • deekin

    Super fun!
  • Bedlam77

    pretty cool got an 81, i wish there was a timer too.
  • cruise

    90/100, lots of fun.
  • Husky

    Matt Borchert said:boom headshot!


    Got 89 on first try :D
  • JO3L

    looks fun! got 93/100 on first try :)
  • treycook

    That was fun, 86/100 in total first round. 4x 100's and a few that were way off because of the leading capitals. I'm always iffy on those.

  • Killer Napkins

    got 83 first round.
  • Spence

    82 on the first try. The Serifs kicked my ass but I got a lot of 100/100 for the san serifs.
  • OptimisticDesigns

    Killer Napkins said:got 83 first round.
  • G

    I got 93/100
  • biotwist

    this was fun
  • Pablo

    Yeah man those capital letters really messed me up. Got a 78 on my first go, kinda rushed threw it so my score could have been better.
  • Adhesive Hippo

    I just clicked the "Hey, my version is better" button on each one, so I basically got a 100/100.
  • Christiane

    85 1st time round. This is a bit addictive. i need to get this right hah

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