I'm so excited about it,so...
Dear Mintees, this is first vinyl from my record label called Too Many Skulls.
If you like hard core from 80's, you should love this band.


300 copies, only black vinyl, no preorders.

If you want the copy, e-mail me.

  • Craig Robson

    id like one of these!

    wowza!Im really interested!Craig are you a vinyl collector also?:)
  • chriskillerartworx

    is this a hommage to black flag on the back of the guys' jacket? :) looking goood! all the best for your label, dude.
  • Raf The Might

    It can be sumbliminal message with Black Flag:)
    Grindesign-e-mail me!

    I have some plans with the label, but it will be just a nice hobby: 4 Eps yearly, something like that:)

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