Im gearing up for a big fashion show next month and needed a few sample pieces made for my clothing line
... any referrals?

Im looking to print about 3to designs on shirts and sweatshirts with a two color print and custom printed tags... maybe even looking into quality snapback hats too.

Not looking to print an insane amount but I still want quality!
  • Chris Austin

    It's highly unlikely that you'll get samples if you don't order a big run, it's not worth the money/effort for the printers.
  • Rockhart

    This might help you:
    They do cheap dtg.
  • miles to go

    Some shops will do it but expect to pay maybe close to $50-100 per item. It's a matter of time and labor for set ups, films, etc. If it's for something with good exposure it could be worth it. Or just get dtg samples made.

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