what's up mintees?

im wondering if anyone knows of a good place that does custom embroidery and maybe even supplies the garments aswell?

let me know, thanks!
  • DrewGliever

    What kind of garments are you looking to embroider? A quick google search returned this: http://www.embroideryauthority.com/ , but most of what I've seen are like for companies that want to embroider their logo onto shirts for employees to use... probably not what you're after.
  • Jason Carne

    Are you using Craig's teeth as your avatar?
  • Craig Robson

    they aint my teeth ahhaa!
  • Jason Carne

    Craig Robson said:they aint my teeth ahhaa!

    Aw shit, I coulda sworn dey was ya dentures.
  • jared

  • FatKat Printz

    We do custom embroidery.. anything specific? We are in Florida..email me fatkatprintz@gmail.com
  • RyanPimental.

    I was in the middle of talks with BigTop down in Florida, ready to order and all of a sudden they stopped responding to emails. Tried the phone number on the site and nobody has ever answered. That was well over a month ago. Bummed out because their prices were solid and their past work was great.
  • FatKat Printz

    @Ryan- email me what you got done with them and let me see if I can help you out.

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