Hey guys thought I'd share a few videos I've found helpful when it comes to illustration.

this is a good instructional brush inking video
iframes are not allowed :(

Inking your Pencil Drawings by William Beachy from Go Media on Vimeo.

I liked the techniques used in this illo.
iframes are not allowed :(

Octopus illustration process for "The Appleseed Cast" poster from DKNG Studios on Vimeo.

Ray venan's Vimeo account some nice vids on there: http://vimeo.com/frenden

Jimyo's halftone guide for all you beginners.

hope these will help some people out abnd give them some ideas feel free to add some more below.
  • Love Sick

    Lead and Lines said:You should find Craig's post "share" and add these videos to it. It is currently serving as an art instruction and inspiration video thread.

    thanks for heads up

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