Chd queries the rules of design for charity.

I have always wondered where is the line on this. Is it alright to give designs/logos/sites to charity? I know a lot of charities expect it, and get douchey when you give them an actual quote(with a break), but what if it is a cause you truly believe in? What if you initiate contact? Is donating your time/skill to a good cause acceptable in this industry?
  • gaunty

    Work for free but never for cheap as they say.
  • RustyEight

    Karma versus cash. It's your call.
  • justinryan

    I think you sort of answered your own question. if it is something you truly believe in, and you want to do it, do it. don't worry about what others think.

    but yeah, it is totally acceptable in most circles to do charity work.

    I've donated work for Invisible Children and some tee designs that benefited the American Cancer Society. it is a good feeling knowing you are making even a little difference, especially when they let you know just how much you helped raise.
  • Infinite Black

    I think it's fine to donate to causes that you support, especially if you are personally involved/associated. For example, my wife wanted to sell shirts to raise money for a hospital she worked at in Uganda, and I designed the shirt for free. That's a bit of an extreme case, but if it was a charity that you really like, I don't see much of a difference between donating money or donating a design. Either way, it's the product of your work. I say go for it.

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