Its such a great time to be a comic fan right now, Marvel is currently on one of the biggest rolls ever with their core franchises, X-men is about to have the Regenesis storyline, The Avengers are all caught up in Fear Itself shit, Spider Island has some great Humberto ramos art, and The Hulk books are still delivering some awesome epic battles week after week.

The Fear Itself story line is starting to catch steam after 4 issues of mindless war with Thor stepping up to take dudes down and Iron Man working with Asgards weapon smiths to make ultra weapons for everyone.

X-Men Schism has been super solid so far right from the get go as tensions heat up between humans and mutants again and its all leading towards a new set of books in the x universe where 3 teams of X-men side with wolverine and 3 teams side with cyclops. Plus Chris Bachalo will be drawing the new Wolverine And The X-men title, and the dude has proven time and again that he has one of the sickest X-men art styles to date.

And at the end of this month DC comics is rebooting their entire universe with 52 new issue number ones with completely new character back stories and new writer artist teams for almost every book. The new Justice League book is being drawn by Jim fucking Lee.
  • Myth

    I really want to get into comics a hell of a lot more than i do at the moment.
    I normally just buy the whole collection of a certain storyline when they come out as one book.
    But some of them storywise are pretty meh. You got any recommendations of storylines i really should read?

    I'm really more into the Marvel universe over DC so any anything you think is worth a read let me know.

    I'm half way through Secret Invasion at the moment and not really feeling it for the most part.

    I think I might subscribe to Marvel Digital Comics, seems like a pretty good deal. I read Daredevil #1 online the other day.
  • ChrisNeal

    I've never really been into superhero comics, more stuff like vertigo and the like, but the new X-men stuff is tempting me.

    This is really cool for superhero costume redesigns, some really good work on there.
  • William Henry

    I want to get more into superhero stuff, but theres just so much of it. Its hard to know where to jump in and what books you need each month to get the whole story. I was reading Batman for a bit, but they just kept making more and more books and it just became too overwhelming. Nowadays, I just pick up trades of indie, nonsuperhero stuff as I know what the beginning and end is.
  • jjworthington

    i'm waiting on the death of spiderman hc....i just preordered vol2 hc of bprd. pretty stoked for that
  • Nyland

    The new Venom by Rick Remender has been keeping me wandering back to the comic store on a weekly basis, even though i know the new issue isn't there yet. I cant get digital i have to have the actual book in my hands or I'm not satisfied.
  • Divine Beast

  • DrewGliever

    lol nerds
  • evolve or die

    chris bacchalo is brilliant, though his earliest stuff is still my favourite. His work on Shade is nutso. He toned it down in everything he did from then on.

    and torrents + ipad = bliss

    plus you can check out a lot of stuff you normally wouldn't, and find some real gems. Just read 'Young Liars', 18 issues of insanity. A title I would not have known about otherwise.
  • NickThreadbird

    I have really enjoyed the DC Flashpoint series right now which is whats going to reboot everything.
    But the only DC stuff i really read is Batman.

    The Walking Dead is amazing and i've also recently got into Invincible (same guy who does The Walking Dead).

    Marvel wise, Uncanny X-Force is amazing.
    And ive really gotten into Ultimate Spiderman recently. Haven't gotten to the death of Spiderman though.
  • Myth

    I'm going into town Friday to get a stack of graphic novels that should get me up to date with the heroic age of Marvel.

    The list:

    Avengers: Disassembled
    House of M
    Civil War
    Dark Reign

    That will hopefully get me to a point where when i'm reading certain stories theres not parts where i'm completely lost.
  • Cant Draw Can Write

    You also totally need to read Secret Invasion dude.

    Its what happens between Civil War and Dark Reign.
  • Myth

    Cant Draw Can Write said:You also totally need to read Secret Invasion dude.

    Its what happens between Civil War and Dark Reign.

    Yeah i have it on my shelf, i read it before i ordered the others, so i was somewhat lost.
    Do you know if theres a Dark Reign collection like the Secret Invasion book? Where it's core story is all collected in one book. Can't seem to find it.
  • Thanos123

  • Thanos123

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