Whats it going to be this year for your line, pullover or full-zip?

I hate wearing pullovers, but I hate trying to design something around the zipper of a zip-up...

What is your personal preference, and which do you think is more popular?
  • William Henry

    Zip-up all the way.
  • gaunty

    Zips on a hoodie unless it's for snowboarding.
  • Vinny S

    Working on a cut & sew zip up for winter 2012
  • Craig Robson

  • Griggitee

  • Obscure

    Well you can print over zips so you don't need to design around it.....

    But yeah zips all the way.
  • augie

    pullovers for me. the zip ups always get weird once i wash them. also, i dont really wear illustration/graphic type tees to show off.

    <-- pullovers
  • Smiths Canvas

  • Jd

  • Setup85

  • johnsaurus

  • TheUTee

  • Sam Weinberg

  • MattyVF

  • andrE w.

    the only zippers I really wear are on my pants - don't need em otherwise.
  • Alejandro Prez

    MattyVF said:Pullovers.
  • ElektrekClothing

    I like zip ups, but feel that pullovers look nicer when printed on
  • aaron.s

    Pullovers.....I dont ever buy zip ups because the zippers always get messed up and wavy
  • x Nau x

    Crewnecks or jackets.

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