I'm volunteering for a big street art event that is going on from like August 12-15, and we have some sweeeeeeet international street artists coming in to paint walls around Atlanta. There will be art walks for the walls, lectures, meet ups, parties, etc. to get the community more involved, so is anyone here from Atlanta? if so, you should go. Artists include Gaia, Roa, Escif, Ever, Sharktoof and plenty of others. YUP! Go check it out! I'm really psyched to assist some of these guys and will definitely put up pictures when I am allowed to.
  • ExaltedByMark.

    Looks awesome man!

    I'll be there to check it out!
  • TheUTee

    looks like a cool event. wish I could be there
  • Chreck

    thanks, it's turning out to be pretty sweet. these artists are super cool and very talented. i'll bump with their past work until i'm allowed to post what they come up with this coming week.

    here is Gaia

  • Dr_Worm

    awesome stuff! wish I could attend
  • Chreck

    SHIT WAS FUN! sick week. I'm gonna go find links for photos and all that.
    It was a really tiring but sweet week.

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