Film Clip = Done!!


Thanks for watching!

  • RoonKill

    Thanks to anyone that has downloaded it so far!
    What did you think?
  • sonar

    i hate that you want to make me hit like on Facebook before i can listen to you
  • RoonKill

    I didnt know it did that? I'll try and fix that now
    Edit: should not do that anymore :)
  • MattisGentle

    Thank you!!!

    Always looking for some new music, definitely will be listening to this while I draw! :]
  • benaiahclothing

    My friends, DBOL, just put out their EP "Deadlift" up for free as well. Check it out! No facebook liking required!.
  • RoonKill

    Thanks Matt!
  • RoonKill

    Theres still time to grab this :)
  • heat.

    Not really my style, especially the voice, but it's good.
    Good luck man!
  • Balefire

    Sounds good man! I'm into it!
  • RoonKill

    Thanks for the comments and critiques guys! Really appreciate it.
  • heat.

    "Fortune favours the brave" is really cool, kind of radio material I guess.
  • RoonKill

    Thanks Heat!
    We just finished off the film clip for that track!
    awaiting the finished edit though, still a few weeks off so i'll keep ya'll posted on that too!
  • Goodbread

    LOVE IT!
  • RoonKill

    Thanks Goodbread!
    Now that more people are having a listen i'll keep the download available for a while longer!
  • RoonKill

    Added in a link for the album art for all you ipod/phone users

    Also: sneak peeeek at our film clip for those that care :)

    Film Clip
  • RoonKill

    New link updated, downloads still available.
    Thanks for all the support guys!
  • RoonKill

    Update: Screen shots of Fortune Favours The Brave Video Clip
  • atomicchild

    are the lead singer and the drummer twins
  • RoonKill

    Hahaha!! nah, there not even related.

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