how can buy here?

    You need a pro account.
  • gaunty

    Once you have paid for the pro account they have to run a paypal background check and then you will recieve your mintees store card.
  • bmoore

    once you have the mintees card, you can then buy credits from Dobi.
  • mrdavenport

    Dobi will send the purchased credits to the home address listed on your verified paypal account.
  • Brock May


    You will also have to pay an offering to Dobi yearly, or he will rape and pillage your account.
  • Adhesive Hippo

    The store card is basically a gift card, with a sweet design collab by Greg Abbott and Dan Mumford.
  • Bear

    There's a pro trial bundled with Velda Draw right now, its like 3 months Mintees Pro Account, all features unlocked, plus you get Velda. Can't go wrong.
  • david.s

  • domeh

  • MonkeyMouth

    Remember to buy 3 times as many credits as you are looking to spend, because the artwork you want will most likely cost 3 times as much as you offer.
  • Sam Weinberg

    You can now buy Mintees cards at participating Walmarts
  • chriskillerartworx

    how many buys do you want?
  • Obscure

  • chad manzo

    in russia, they buy you.
  • bleet

    remember not to purchase anything without a valid written confirmation, once you have the verification you need you will receive the pro rata within 5 working days, upon receiving confirmation you must confirm with the confirmation form that confirms the firm. Once firm insert the form to firm the confirmation.
  • Patrick

    We make our purchases through Dobi, send him your funds and he will see to your purchases.
  • dobi

    like everyone else said, how much do you want to buy? i can help you, but less computer works make tee worth.

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