I've recently started attempting to learn Wordpress, but I'm in a bit over my head. I know many of you are web savvy so I was hoping that you might have some book, blog, anything-to-help-me-learn-wordpress recommendations.

  • kleeve


    I'm learning it too. I bought a book about Wordpress but found the official documentation here much more useful and to the point.
  • DrowningDesign

  • Astrobot

    rockstar wordpress is great.
    http://digwp.com/ thats good. from the ppl that run nettuts.com too so theres tips there as well.
    use the codex when you need to look up a tag to do something specific with some examples. Will be confusing at first if you dont know PHP but you'll start catching on.


    lost of wordpress stuff on css-tricks along with forums with people that will help out. search first though.

    lynda.com also has a series on WP now i believe.

    WP is great, i use it regularly. Actually working on another site with it today. Virtually anything you can think of to do with WP has been done and there's likely a plugin somewhere that adds any features you could want. Even shopping cart type stuff but the free ones were a little lacking for my taste so I'm going with something else.
  • Joshy Jetplane

    I just had a phone call for a job that is based heavily on Wordpress. weird.
  • Astrobot

    the Envato people just launched a new Wordpress dedicated site. Figured I'd post it here.

  • McCrayFish

    Ah man, this has been great! Thanks for all the awesome links.

    I'll be sure to post my site when I get something decent put together.
  • Jd

    Wordpress is tricky as hell, especailly when you own your domain, so check out Wordpress.org when you run into trouble

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